Kensuke Yamada

Suze Lindsay

Syd Carpenter

Audrey An

Andrea Denniston

Ling Chun

Natalia Arbelaez

April Felipe

Adam Posnak

Clare Twomey

Bobby Tso (Kwok Pong)

Mike Stumbras

Nataliya Zuban

Heather Nameth-Bren

Garth Johnson (Sascha Brastoff)

Shiyuan Xu

Demonstrating Artist: Kensuke Yamada

2021 NCECA Virtual Conference
March 17-21, 2021

Fundamental changes are occurring in the ways we teach, learn, and create ceramic art. NCECA’s first ever virtual conference will take place March 17-21, 2021 on the vFairs interactive platform.
The program will include networking opportunities, short and long-form artists' demonstrations, daily keynote sessions, lectures, panels, networking opportunities, student-centered sessions and critiques, and exhibition halls where participants will be able to connect with vendors, schools and nonprofit organizations, ceramic art exhibitions, a Gallery Expo, and time-based projects. Make a selection within your reach from NCECA’s flexible conference registration pricing model and join us online for RIVERS, REFLECTIONS, REINVENTIONS.
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Rivers, Reflections, Reinventions, NCECA’s 55th annual conference.
Waterways, natural and constructed, are key features of the Cincinnati region. Poet Langston Hughes captured an essential metaphor for the ways in which water courses through time and territory to mirror the experience of our inner lives. “My soul has grown deep like the rivers,” tells us that our lives are forever changing, our life spans occupying but a fraction of the events that occur throughout the natural and crafted world over time. Knowledge and experience change us, our personal courses moved. The Seneca gave us the name Ohio meaning great river. Rivers are essential to ceramic art’s natural and cultural histories. Clays, minerals, stories, ideas, and aspirations of those who create are all transported through rivers’ currents, figurative and literal. Like clay hardened in fire, rivers far outlast us.

Demonstrating Artist: Suze Lindsay

Daily Schedules

  • Wednesday, March 17, 2021 | Advocacy & Activism
  • Thursday, March 18, 2021 | Global Community
  • Friday, March 19, 2021 | Education
  • Saturday, March 20, 2021 | Responsive Practice
  • Sunday, March 21, 2021 | Closing Speaker


Kensuke Yamada

Richard Zane Smith

Suze Lindsay

Syd Carpenter


Abigale Brading Tepe

Adam Chau

Adam Posnak

Adrienne Spinozzi

Allison Moore

Andrea Denniston

Angela Fremont-Appel

Angelica Pozo

Anne Beyer

April Felipe

Ashley Fuchs

Audrey An

Austin Bradshaw

Ayumi Horie

Barbara Anderaos

Ben Carter

Ben Owen

Beth-Ann Gerstein

Bethany Benson

Bobby Silverman

Bobby Tso

Brad Bachmeier

Brad Taylor

Brenda Heindl

Brett Beasley

Bruce Dehnert

Cathy Lu

Christa Assad

Cindy Leung

Clare Twomey

Colby Parsons

Coreen Abbott

Corrie Bain

Corrin Grooms

Daniel Alejandro Trejo

David F. Mack

David Jones

David Smith

David Stuempfle

Dawn Holder

Dom Venzant

Dominique Ellis

Earline Green

Eric Andre

Fawn Krieger

Fred Johnston

Garth Johnson

Grace Han

gwendolyn yoppolo

Habiba El-Sayed

Hanna Selman

Heather Nameth Bren

Heidi McKenzie

Hideo Mabuchi

Hitomi Shibata

Isaac Scott

Israel Davis

Jae Won Lee

James Bester

Janet DeBoos

Janet Koplos

Japheth Taah Asiedu-Kwarteng

Jasmine Baetz

Jason Hartsoe

Jean Pierre Larocque

Jeannie Hulen

Jennifer Datchuk

Jim McDowell

Jinsik Yoo

JoAnn Schnabel

John Hosford

John Neely

John Neely

Joshua Hebbert

Josie Bockelman

Judy Schwartz

Keiko Narahashi

Lauren Duffy

Lauryn Axelrod

Leslie Harris

Ling Chun

Lori-Ann Touchette

Madhvi Subrahmanian

Magdolene Dykstra

Malene Barnett

Marc Mancuso

Margaret Carney

Mark Hewitt

Mark Shapiro

Matt Kelleher

Matthew Katz

Michele Drozd

Mike Stumbras

MK Abadoo

Natalia Arbelaez

Nataliya Zuban

Nurielle Stern

Paul Lewing

Paul S. Briggs

Raheleh Filsoofi

Ree Kaneko

Richard Notkin

Ruth Easterbrook

Salvador Jiménez-Flores

Shamai Gibsh

Samuel Nortey

Shawn O_Connor

Shiyuan Xu

Simon Levin

Stephanie Hanes

Stephanie Lanter

Stephanie Rozene

Steve Loucks

Sue Havens

Taty Hernandez

Thomas Haskell

Tom Lauerman

Undine Brod

Varuni Kanagasundaram

Veronica Watkins

Virginia Thompson

WangLing Chou

William Carty

Yeonsoo Kim

NCECA 2021 Virtual Conference: Rivers, Reflections, Reinventions | Daily Schedules

The programming schedule for the 2021 Virtual Conference is structured around daily themes and keynote speakers to inspire, reflect, and create equity action in ceramic art and education. Wednesday's theme will be Advocacy & Activism; Thursday's, Global Community; Friday's, Education; and Saturday's, Responsive Practice. Each day's keynote speaker will offer vital perspectives on the current issues in contemporary societal culture. Join us in embracing change, challenges, and community.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 | Advocacy & Activism

Advocacy & Activism
Advocacy & Activism presentations will question established canons, discuss ways through which engagement with change takes place in ceramic art, teaching and learning. Clay’s tactile nature records histories. Can the material’s plasticity also foster intentional equity that encompasses gender, class, race, and the work of communities?

For Freedoms and The Infinite Playbook with left to right, Michelle Woo, Eric Gottesman, Jun Mabuchi, Claudia Peña, and Manushka Magloire will discuss healing, justice, and the power of listening in a conversation. For Freedoms’ exhibitions, installations, and public programs have used art to deepen public discussion on civic issues and core values, and to advocate for equality, dialogue, and civic participation.


Thursday, March 18, 2021 | Global Community

Global Community
Global Community presentations will address ceramic art internationally to examine the impact of intercultural exchange and explore ways of creating communities of opportunity through ceramic art. In this time of global pandemic, perhaps we have never been more connected despite the physical space.

Demonstrating Artists | Suze Lindsay and Richard Zane Smith

Keynote Session
Kwame Akoto-Bamfo is a versatile Ghanaian artist who is known for his work Nkyinkyim Installation/Museum, cultural activism, and contributions to Ghanaian tertiary institutions and traditional communities. His outdoor sculpture “Nkyinkyim Installation,” dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Transatlantic slave trade, is on display at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. The work is directly connected to a larger installation in Ghana of the same name made up of over 1,500 portraits of Africans in the Diaspora.


Friday, March 19, 2021 | Education

Education presentations will investigate innovations and reinventions of teaching modalities, resources, and models to create equitable and accessible learning environments and opportunities. Critical responses to current circumstances will address anti-racist approaches in education and generate discussion on resources for school and community contexts.

Demonstrating Artists | Kensuke Yamada and Syd Carpenter

Keynote Session
Dr. Ahna Skop is a geneticist, artist, science communicator, and champion for the underrepresented in science. Her lab studies how cells divide. Cell division is highly dependent on visual data, which dovetails perfectly with one of her other passions, art. Ahna has several scientific art installations on the UW-Madison campus and she has also curated, and created several traveling science art exhibitions. Ahna majored in biology and minored in ceramics at Syracuse University, obtained her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at UW-Madison, and her post-doctoral work at UC-Berkeley. Ahna is a Professor in the Laboratory of Genetics and an affiliate faculty member in Life Sciences Communication and the Division of the Arts at the UW-Madison.


Saturday, March 20, 2021 | Responsive Practice

Responsive Practice
Responsive Practice presentations will provide a platform to reflect, share, and consider new ways to integrate theories and methods to build resilient, adaptive, and inclusive practices and opportunities in the ceramic arts.

Demonstrating Artists | Suze Lindsay and Richard Zane Smith

Keynote Session
Ronald Rael, draws, builds, writes, 3D-prints and teaches about architecture and craft as a cultural endeavor deeply influenced by a unique upbringing in a desolate alpine valley in southern Colorado. As the San Francisco Chronicle writes, "[Rael's] imagination is audacious. He speculates on the implications of the border wall, building with mud and using 3D printers to create buildings -- as seen in his books Borderwall as Architecture, Earth Architecture and Printing Architecture. Rael is a professor of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley and is a founding partner of the Oakland based Make-Tank, Emerging Objects. You can see his drawings, models and objects in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Sunday, March 21, 2021 | Closing Session

Closing Session
Welcome - 2023 Conference Announcement
Past Masters
2021 Emerging Artists Presentations

Closing Keynote Session
Winnie Owens - Hart | Myths, Stories and the Truth
“Clay is the common denominator for thousands of NCECA members. The paths that led every one of us to become this NCECA statistic have their own personal journey to share. This is the story of my journey”. Winnie Owens-Hart, is an educator, artist, filmmaker, author, and critical thinker in matters of clay, art, and culture. She has taught at Howard University for more than 37 years and has conducted research, exhibited, and presented lectures internationally. She has worked with women in a pottery village in Ghana for more than a decade. As both a published author and curator, Owens-Hart has curated exhibitions primarily focused on contemporary African American artists and has also produced documentary films, including Style & Technique-Four Pottery Villages and The Traditional Potters of Ghana-The Women of Kuli. Over more than four decades, her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with work in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, The John Michael Kohler Art Museum, universities, and private collections.


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