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Fire up your imagination by connecting with manufacturers, suppliers, and galleries. Learn about equipment, tools, materials, and new technologies. Discover the work of innovative makers and start or build your collection. During the conference, make sure to visit vendor and gallery hosted product demonstrations and artist talks - where they will be available to answer questions about your favorite products.


Looking for a place to discover and connect with people, places, and opportunities to advance your ceramic knowledge and aspirations? Visit the Organizations & Student Critiques Exhibition Hall to meet, learn more, and explore. Students will find the Student Critique Booth - where you can schedule a time to speak with a mentor to discuss your artistic practice and global opportunities in advancing your career.

Grace Han, Two Paths, Two Identities, One Individual, 2016
Materials: Stoneware, Porcelain, Wood, and Gold luster
Photo credit: Ashley Gillanders


Visit over 50 exhibitions that will ignite your imagination, challenge preconceptions, and reinforce your sense of wonder through ceramic art's enduring and ever-evolving expressive capacities. Join us for the 2021 NCECA Annual Social Recession Exhibition, 2021 NCECA Juried Student Exhibition, and 2021 NCECA Multicultural Fellowship Exhibition and take a moment to meet with NCECA 2020 and 2021 Emerging Artists, where you can discover more about their careers, plans, and artistic practices.

Social Recession - 2021 NCECA Annual

Hosted by the Weston Art Gallery, the 2021 NCECA Annual, Social Recession, curated by Shannon Rae Stratton, blends attributes of invitational and open juried models of exhibition development. Stratton’s vision was initiated with six invited artists with works installed at Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Themes, issues, and sensibilities of her thesis deepen and expand from the exhibition’s core with works selected through an open call for submissions.

About the exhibition, Stratton writes…

According to physician Vivek H. Murthy and Alice Chen’s March article for the Atlantic, the coronavirus could cause what is being called a “social recession.” They speak about how the longer we go without personal contact, the more social bonds fray and unravel, leading to harmful effects on mood, health, our ability to learn and work, and our overall sense of community. Their concern stems from an already growing body of national and global research on the epidemic of loneliness that reports, at the lowest 22% of American adults, and at the highest 50%, are struggling with loneliness. That is more adults than smoke or have diabetes.

Many artists working in craft value the field for its history of peer-to-peer exchange, mentorship, functionality, and proximity to the body. It’s a field that identifies itself with connection and touch, with craft objects – whether functional design or conceptual art – often serving social functions. While Murthy and Chen were concerned with fraying social bonds based on enforced separation, the legacy of settler colonialism and white suprematism that has shaped capitalism, Western culture, and specifically the United States, has long disrupted social bonds, destroying communities, histories, and traditions in its wake.

Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng, Jamie Bates Slone, Amy Bernard, Ashwini Bhat, Shannon Blakey, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Andrea Connell, Connor Czora, Louise Deroualle, Emily Duke, Ana England, Sean Erwin, Marisa Finos, Rebecca Harvey, Sin-ying Ho, David Hollander, Drew Ippoliti, Qwist Joseph, Lauren Kalman, Marina Kuchinski, Tiffany Leach, Dianne Lee with Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Clay Leonard, Layla Marcelle with Jacob Raeder, Liz McCarthy, Kelly O'Briant, Ashan Pridgon, Kate Roberts, Kathryn Schroeder, Lauren Skelly Bailey, Elisabeth Wainwright, Jo Watko, Flor Widmar, Adam Yungbluth, Xia Zhang. Invited Artists: Manal Kara, Heidi Lau, Anna Mayer, Erin Jane Nelson, and Nicole Seisler with Georgie Flood. Curated by Shannon Rae Stratton.

Weston Art Gallery, Aronoff Center for the Arts 650 Walnut St., Cincinnati, OH (www.westonartgallery.com)

2021 NCECA Juried Student Exhibition

NCECA's cornerstone exhibition is open to students in higher education programs throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 165 artists submitted over 500 images for consideration by ceramic artists Jessika Edgar and Malcolm Mobutu Smith. Audrey An, Brooke Armstrong, Matt Becker, Faith Belflower, Aaron Caldwell, Kyle Caris, Marianne Chenard, Emily Connell, Lukas Easton, Rice Evans, Shauna Fahley, Rebecca Frantz, Celine Gobert, Emily Gomez, PJ Hargraves, Danielle Hawk, Maxwell Henderson, Meg Howton, Emily Irvin, Nick Kakavas, Minah Kim, Jordan Kramer, Anna Kruse, Claire Lenahan, Sean Lofton, Jennifer Masley, Mackenzie McDonald, William Mueller, Matthew O'Reilly, Sunyoung Park, Ian Pemberton, Dina Perlasca, Luciano Pimienta, Gina Pisto, Logan Reynolds, Lilah Shepherd, Erin Smith, Joe Welch, Mary Wilhelm, and Hee Joo Yang.

DAAP Reed Gallery at the University of Cincinnati 2624 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH (https://daap.uc.edu/exhibitions-collections/daap-galleries)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DAAPGall

2021 NCECA Multicultural Fellowship Exhibition

Entering its 7th year, the Multicultural Fellowship continues to strengthen the breadth and depth of NCECA. This program expands through an exhibition representing the work of past fellows. “The artists communicate powerful truths, rooted at the intersection of creative skill, unmitigated passion, and cultural visibility. Their respective approaches to the ceramic medium resonate throughout the larger clay community.”- Yinka Orafidiya. The 2020 NCECA Multicultural Fellowship Exhibition artists join with additional artists selected for 2021. Juried by Yinka Orafidiya, Cannupa Hanska Luger, and Adam Chau. Artists: Pooja Agarwala Abiam Alvarez, Jose Arenivar, Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng, Malene Barnett, Aaron Caldwell, Juana Gnecco, Tamara Hervera, Varuni Kanagasundaram, Christopher Malone, Walter Moore, Lola Ogbara, Patti Paiz-Jones, Vanna Ramirez, Angelique Scott, Antra Sinha, Jacqueline Tse, Ife Williams, and Linda Zhang.

DAAP - Meyers Gallery at the University of Cincinnati Steger Student Life Center (https://daap.uc.edu/exhibitions-collections/daap-galleries)

Facebook: https://fb.me/e/OtIfNHtg